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Carding is one of the leading criminal industries in terms of growth rate. The amounts of people using debit and credit cards grow, as well as the amounts of online shops, banks or other enterprises, which collect credit card data of users. All this combined leads us to the fact that almost every cardholder in […]

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Carders are scammers, who use other people’s credit card information to steal their money. Today carding is more relevant than ever, as the industry of online trade keeps growing, creating more opportunities for carders to steal and launder money without being caught. What is the punishment for carding Carding is an illegal scam, which is […]


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Legit dump vendors POS malware and skimming devices are aimed at providing legit dump vendors with material for sale such as dumps, cvvs, pin codes, ssn and other banking data that is subject to vulnerability at point of sale or online commerce commonly attacked by cybercriminals to nab this valuable information for its further use […]

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Best valid cc shop There is a large underground ecosystem of well-knitted nodes calles cvv and dumps shops on the black market of stolen financial data, such is the extent of this kind of cyber crime that there are even lists of best valid cc shop and stores online, where sellers and buyers attend in […]