Carding Forum

For beginners the information will be informative, because there are a lot of articles on some forums, and of course there are just scam forums… where people are just cheekily bribed with bearded methods of baiting
Let’s start with the forum which is somewhere around 7-9 years old and where many generations of carders and simply scammers have grown … it’s Verefied
Verified Forum can say has experienced several carding apocalypses and still standing … on the forum quite a few users and services that have been tested by time, but there are just as moody and scams so on the big … Registration is $50 … newcomers are not particularly welcome there, because gurus live there as they consider themselves carding … although in fact everyone understands in their field and not all the nuances to the end … If you want to start trading there, you need to have a minimum capital of $300 to deposit into your account to guarantee and increase credibility…. more like a trading floor that’s all…
What is “Deposit”? I think few people will ask this question, because now every forum has one … this is in the case of your bailout or default on part of your contract, the Administration will at least cover your losses …
I think many have heard that the forum is under the wing of the reds (cops) and only on this he lives so long and does not lie down under ddos attacks … well, I tell you what the resource is not clean, rotten, as you like it … and better without VPN there would not go …
your right … if you want to sign up
CSU and Carder.Pro
CSU has existed since about 2005, at first this forum was open and like all beginners recruited members…. but now it’s one of the most popular private forums where newbies rush …members which are on these boards “as if” are respected among beginners and already mid-level carders but for experienced this is not a guarantee in any transactions … …the forum is quite so much more useful than the web and a lot of articles there is something to read and learn, more loyal to beginners and help in the beginnings, as developed Market where you can both sell and buy what you need … Many verified services as well as on the verif but there are others … the forum policy is the same as on Carder.Pro similar.

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registration on this forum is paid or a guarantor or 1 guarantor who must create a topic in the appropriate section with a nickname and sign off that vouchsafe, but the guarantor must be at least 6 months on the CSU and reps 10 … but if you don’t have a guarantor you can pay $333 for registration without guarantor…
If you are a newbie and want a little brother of CSU then go to there not less, rules are the same, many experienced carders are also there and they started from this forum … Until some time registration was paid 33$ but now it’s free but by guarantee too … Due to a decline in attendance Administration opened registration at all, but still decided on the surety that would be less unknown persons and spam …
This forum has grown tremendously in 2 years since it appeared… and many of the ksu and maza moved there, as there are a lot of useful articles and services … the site has gained tremendous traffic as well as content… Forum is located at this forum was formerly for the interview, you had to show your accounts at ksu, kpro, verif, Mazes, kovok and look at the date of registration of the account and reputation as well as your activity and only then you were registered … Support is the administrator of the forum (Pate).
registration on the forum is now $ 50 with guarantors and links to other private forums
this forum was created at the same time that… they are quite similar to each other… even i got the idea that maybe 1 admin is running 2 boards… well I’m not going to say it’s just my guess and speculation … there are plenty of articles on the forum that will in