buying cards and a review of trusted shops. Where to buy cardboard (cc)? unicc shop

Warm greetings to all of you, dear friends. Knowing firsthand how difficult it is for a beginner to get used to carding nowadays, I had the idea to share with you all that I know. Maybe the experience I’ve gained will protect you from the mistakes you might encounter on your way of learning, which is already very difficult. My “Napoleonic plans” are to make a whole series of articles dedicated to personal experience of the average guy who gets acquainted with carding for self-development purposes. I already know something, I’m learning something, I’m testing something from my own experience – I’m going to share it all with you.

I have read a lot of different information, which is in the public domain and each of you can get acquainted with it, there are no private schemes, etc. A small budget and some ingenuity – that’s all I’m armed with. I’m a fairly open person, so you can ask me any questions in the thread or in private messages and if I can help you – I’m happy to do it. I know for a fact that all the articles I will be publishing will be of great help to newbies, they will be able to answer all the questions that come to mind. Everything is simple, in simple words and accessible to everyone.

As an unregistered user, I watched new topics and posts from the bushes. Sometimes I met the topics from new members asking for contacts of trusted dealers (sellers) cards or links to shops. Almost always these messages are left unanswered, not even need to analyze. It is unlikely that all participants in the forum loosed their lofty self-esteem far into the sky, which is not a fairy tale to say can not describe in words. No, it’s not so. In fact the information is, all of it is broken down in bits and pieces in most topics. In this article I will try to remedy the situation and tell you about all of it in one article, which will save you a lot of time for training and keep you from making mistakes.

Card sellers, card sellers, cc sellers are some of the first terms every beginner is introduced to. I may be wrong and someone may be able to counter my beliefs with something, but I absolutely do not want to do business with any card sellers anymore. I don’t know why, but someone still needs their services, but why so! There is more than one convenient store, where you can easily top up your balance and buy the necessary mats and there is virtually no risk for you. From personal experience, I will say that I myself have more than once fallen for the various shkoloeobov, which throw on the change. By bits and pieces on these “sellers” can be drained more than one hundred green. Imho, you can only buy cards from verified sellers on reputable boards like this, preferably using the guarantor. Do not feed the fools, even if it’s $ 5-10 and thinking “maybe the norm seller” – not Avos!

True, there is one fact I can not do anything against it. More than once there were situations when it was necessary to check the circuit for its performance and at that moment none of the following shops had the right bits. At such moments want to or not want to but have to look where would buy cardboard besides the well-known shops.

To ensure that you are not a victim of scams petty scams, there is a simple but effective model of finding a good seller. We go to the search forums and search terms: sell cc, buy cardboard, buy cc, cardboard cc, cc vbv, etc., whatever else comes to mind. Find offers from various sellers and contact them at the suggested contacts. The local guarantor has a minimum transaction amount of $10, so you can work with them even buying cardboard. Offer the seller to work through the guarantor, if he begins to yulirovat that they say the amount is not large, or work only directly – in front of you 100% cheating. It’s simple, I have not revealed America, but many people neglect this model of cooperation and then complain that everyone around rent sharks.

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Bank card info shops.

I’m a little embarrassed by this nubian wording, but the title of this part of the article should be clear to everyone. The main advantage of the shops is that you can go to the site, log in and make a purchase at any time (with rare exception shops may have problems such as DDoS), in contrast to the seller, who at the right time may not be online and not the fact that he has on hand you need cardboard. And as you can do a search by bin, choose the right country, state, ZIP. And much more.

Security. I guarantee that if you choose your favorite from the overview below, or use any of these stores, your money will not get stolen and you will be able to spend it on the material. Not all dealers can guarantee this, most of them are usually teenage scammers.

At the end I want to make a short review and tell a little bit about each of the shops. There is no advertising, all shops are pretty well known, I hope the administration of the forum will not mind.

CVV () – In my opinion, one of the best shops with free rega. Never had problems with the lack of material, but maybe I’m still very green and my themes are not as serious as the bateks. I have never had problems with material shortage, but maybe I am too green, my themes are not as serious as batek.

Ferum-shop () – this site attracted me only due to its original design in the style of VISA. I have a good shop, I can not say anything. I had just needed cardboard in all my bases and CVV helped me out.

Meum (http://) – a good alternative to all the shops in the list above. If you can’t find the mat you’re looking for, try searching here as well.

Unicc () – at the moment of writing this article this domain was unavailable for some reason, maybe there is a new mirror. Found a lot of fakes of the shop, it is not surprising since reggae for a podlednym resource costs $ 100, that’s multiplied by scams. Sam personally, this service has not yet yuzal, sorry for the money, but in the future I plan to try it. According to rumors there is enough mat and the quality is a head higher than in other shops.

Maybe you also know a link to trusted stores, feel free to share them in the topic. It will never be redundant …

Summing up the article, I want to say a few words about what I plan to write next. The plan is to write about black schemes of earnings that actually work, to make several reviews, manuals and bring to the end of the rubric “beginner’s chronicles. Many thanks to all who read this article, keep an eye on my topics in the future, you will not regret it.