We make capital on the difference of exchange CURRENCY/BTC

Good day!
I would also like to make a contribution to the forum, and put here an article how you can easily enough and without risk to their blood to win at the exchange of currenciescripts<->, completely legally, what I do every day in my spare time from other things.

The process itself will be on the example of a particular country, i.e. Great Britain.

For all the processes we will need:

1.Russian citizenship

2.Capital (from 500k rubles)

3.A trusted person, or the ability to go to the UK and live there (Not required to be a resident)

4.Bank cards for withdrawal and replenishment of cash

Almost all processes occur online, except for the trustee, who will spend at most an hour of his offline time a day.

We will circulate our capital daily on weekdays, one to three times a day.

The algorithm itself is short: RUB > GBP > BTC > RUB

1. Preparation:

1. The very first thing we must find a trusted person who can be fully trusted with all our working capital, and who can go / live in the UK, and can get / already have an address (whether temporary or not, a UK resident is not required) and is able to open an account in the UK (of course if the bank account is not yet open) in one of the major banks, most importantly that the bank works with the system FasterPayments. You can also safely go to the UK on your own, without the involvement of others.

2. Bank cards of Russian banks (I will make an example of a particular bank): Alfa Bank, with a package of Premium, one account with two cards Visa and MasterCard (service fee: 5000 rubles per month).

3. Open accounts on the exchanges CEX.IO and CoinFloor to the account holder in the UK

4. Open accounts on the exchanges Binance, CEX.IO and as an account on Bitzlato (you can telegram-bot)

5. Open a brokerage account in Alfa-Direct from Alfa-Bank

6. Send Alfa-Bank cards in England to a trusted person

So, why do we take Alfa-Bank specifically? It’s simple – we don’t overpay for withdrawal fees, this is one of the most important points!

The card of Alfa-Bank can be withdrawn without commission for 1,500,000 rubles/day and 3,000,000 rubles/month. That is, if for example we withdraw 500,000 rubles daily for two times a day, then to work without interruption every day for a month (30 days in a month – 8 days off), we need to make 7 Alfa-Bank cards. We register for ourselves, connect all their relatives and close friends.

On the 1st day of each month the limits are removed, and we can re-turn all the previously made cards. That is, this is an example for capital 500,000 rubles, respectively, if we turn more money, we need to get a large number of cards (you calculate based on the working capital)

2. Algorithm of Work:

Once we are completely done with the preparation, we can proceed to the exchange algorithm itself:

1. We create a table (for example in Excel) and enter the actual parameters at the moment to calculate the profit from the exchange (data take ru.tradingview.com, there we compare where it is better to buy and then sell):

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– 1. The amount of turnover (For example, 500 000 rubles)

– 2. GBP/RUB exchange rate, with Alfa-Direct (For example, 1 GBP = 104 RUB) –

– 3. BTC/GBP exchange rate from CEX.IO or CoinFloor (For example, 27.775 GBP)

– 4. BTC/RUB exchange rate from Binance or BitZlato (For example, 2,896,320 RUB)

And do the calculation based on actual data, just as soon as we can see how much we will eventually earn after all these steps (Do not forget to specify in the same parameters, if there is a commission for the Trade, on average, this is 0.3% and other commissions, such as for withdrawal from the Exchange, and you immediately see the net profit for this period)

2. Buy currency for rubles (RUB/GBP) in Alfa Direkt from 10:50 Moscow time (Deposit ATMs in UK can be from 09:00, exchange in Moscow opens at 10:00, the difference in summer time with London and Moscow -2 hours)

3. Ask a trusted person/yourself to cash out GBP from Alfa-Bank cards at ATMs in the UK, and put the working capital in GBP to the UK bank account

4. Replenish exchange CEX.IO or CoinFloor (Depending on the rate, see again the current rate on ru.tradingview.com), use the method of depositing FasterPayments. Credited from 5 minutes to 2 hours

5. Buy BTC for GBP on CEX.IO or CoinFloor

6. Immediately withdraw the just bought BTC to Binance, LocalBitcoins, Bitzlato (You can just bot) or on the CEX.IO sell BTC for rubles (All rates compare at ru.tradingview.com where the best). Withdraw to the card Alfa-Bank or others, the main thing is not to fall on the withdrawal fee.

7. Count the profit and repeat the cycle anew (the day can easily manage to make a turnover of 2-3 times)


In general, we bypass the commissions and take advantage of preferential conditions for cashing out (Russia is an ideal country for this, in Russia there are many such proposals) and win on the exchange rate and bitcoin. We need only at the right time (during the day, they will be more than enough) to see the big difference in the exchange rate. It is not necessary to be tied specifically to the UK, for the algorithm is open to the entire Europe (only requires an analysis of the banking system and commissions), you can do it even in Russia itself (but the profit will be less). These completely legal actions, you need only for complete peace of mind to have clean money for the turnover of the capital itself, so you can certainly sleep well and not worry about their hard-earned money.

I have only encountered blockages in Tinkoff Bank, but they only ask you to give up cryptocurrency trading, and unblock your funds. In Alfa Bank there have never been any blockages. Also, analytically, the actions in terms of exchange rates can be automated, so that when at a certain time there was the largest difference in the exchange, and for example, the bot, sent a notification.