Google ads warm-up guide

clients and their success in our service come first!
The way we work with ba is not much different from working with ss.
Google often bans unheated google accounts for setting large budgets.
You should start with 7 euros a day.
On the second day, you need to go in and run another type of traffic with the same budget.
For example, if you start search, on the next day start the KMS
It is also possible to do duplicate companies, but not much change the descriptions and headlines, so they are not identical.
Personally, I take the number and you advise you, each running the account gives a week after the daily 30-50, and now count if you have 10 or 20 such accounts?
I strongly recommend that you take your time in rocking these accounts and warm them up from 2 weeks.
Do not raise daily budget more than 20% it kicks you points of fraud and the chance to send your account to check the moderator.
Keep your voice down. That’s just it’s about google, if you quietly without unnecessary clicks go to the accounts and a little bit to raise the budget,
then will you for 2-3 weeks 300-500 euros of twist.
Personally, I have stopped warming up accounts for all sorts of trusted domains and online stores, and just put right on the desired landos and I pour.
For work I strongly recommend using lisa portable or multilogin. Sox facilis or pay vpn.
Personally, I put the aces from the vpn, spins great.
Just if you put the company in Spain and decided to put the same account company in France, do not do this, the chance of catching a ban is high.
Approximate scheme of work with the accounts
1Day Start pk on the km budget 7 euros
2Day Launch search with a budget of 7 euros
3Day Oleg
4Day I raise my budget by 20%
5Day Oleg
6Day I increase my budget by 20%
7Day Oleg
8 Day Run another PC at another domain and the same geo, or another search company or Kmz, but with a budget of 15-20 euros
9Day Oleg
10 Day Raise my budget by 20%
11-14 Day otlega, you can go raise the budget.
Then the ba is likely to fall off and leave a debt of 300-500 euros, take the ss under the country logs and pay the debt.
And do not forget that the main secret of a good drain, correctly configured place for the drain traffic.

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