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Carders are scammers, who use other people’s credit card information to steal their money. Today carding is more relevant than ever, as the industry of online trade keeps growing, creating more opportunities for carders to steal and launder money without being caught.
What is the punishment for carding
Carding is an illegal scam, which is considered a serious crime. However, the carders, which get caught, do not always go to prison. In many states the punishment is proportional to the amount of money stolen. Taking into account, that the most carders caught are not members of large criminal groups, they do not usually get serious punishments.
How do carders hide themselves
Of course, carding is a risky business with a constant chance of being identified by the police and enforced by law. That is why carders invent complicated criminal schemes, which usually involve several groups of people with different responsibilities and with almost no contact to each other.
For example, the first party steals the card information, the second party purchases it and buys goods for this money online, the third party purchases this goods and resells them. This is only a simple explanation of how carders work, however.
They always use the best tools for keeping themselves anonymous. Carders use VPNs, proxies, remote control of other computers, they also change their names and hide the tracks by many other means.
Such combination of anonymity and distribution of responsibilities results in big inconveniences for police or other law enforcement agencies. Even if they track down and catch one of the members of such criminal chain, they are not able to catch the others.
How to protect your credit card
Unfortunately, it is impossible to understand that the card information is obtained by scammers before the money is actually stolen from the card. This gives the criminals a big head start and makes them almost impossible to counter.
However, there exist several measures, which might reduce the risks of a cardholder. They are:
• Configuring notifications of the credit card operations
• Using the best anti-virus software
• Avoiding phishing attempts
• Avoiding skimming attempts
Carding is a serious threat to a regular cardholder and it is essential to be aware of this type of fraud in order to keep one’s money safe.

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