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Firstly, it is necessary to understand the concept of carding. Carding is the theft of money by transferring from someone else’s card or simply buying at the expense of such card. More often, it is cash withdrawal, as it is much easier to track the transfer.
The carder industry is still in great demand, there are training videos, channels and groups on social networks. Of course, this is all illegal and is punishable by law. Social medias are trying to remove such content and carders themselves are always pursued by law.
Carders are cunning and will stop at nothing. They will not care that the owner of the money, perhaps will have nothing to feed the family with. They only think about profit and they are not interested in anything else.
Carders need a bank card number, as well as the data that is needed for authentication of payment. They pick passwords using different sites and methods. Often they buy card data on the famous black market darknet. They act anonymously, using vpn or using other methods for anonymization. It’s practically impossible to track them down. It also requires huge effort, while there is usually no result.
Often these scammers are waiting for a large amount to appear on the card after they gain access to it. They wait, and the user does not even suspect that he is about to be robbed. When the owner of the card receives a large amount, the carder starts operating, taking everything up to the penny, and the user who was deceived does not even understand what to do with this and how to get the money back.
From the stolen card it is possible not only buy things or purchase something through online services, but also withdraw money. Casinos or other gambling virtual games can be good helpers for money laundering.
In the business of carders, there exist so-called drops. These are people who are at the lowest level of the scheme and do all the dirty work, such as providing their data to receive parcels or withdrawing cash. Drops do not own any information and carders do not contact with them. Therefore, if the police suddenly catch a drop, which happens often enough, he will not be able to tell anything about his carder and the carder will not have problems, since it is the drop that will take care of all the questions. That is one of the reasons, the police or other law enforcement agencies rarely catch the carders themselves for crimes. These people are very smart, cunning and never fall into traps. They are always one step ahead of anyone and always know what to do next.

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