Joker’s stash,Trump’s Dump,Deluxe Market,Unicc Store,Benumb – Carding shop

Cybercrime Credit Card Stores If you’re interested in the cybercrime field, it shouldn’t be news to you that the current cybercrime market and forum model is experiencing unprecedented instability and uncertainty. In recent weeks, another member has joined the club of uncertainty: BriansClub, an automated commerce website (AVC) specializing in stolen credit card data, which […]

Carding Forum

For beginners the information will be informative, because there are a lot of articles on some forums, and of course there are just scam forums… where people are just cheekily bribed with bearded methods of baiting Let’s start with the forum which is somewhere around 7-9 years old and where many generations of carders and […]

Payment automation, payment management, data processing with your own bitcoin node and PHP

Greetings to the forum, in this article you will discover how to set up your own bitcoin node and communicate with it via its API with PHP and bitcoin-cli to do different tasks, such as wallet creation, sending bitcoin, … To give you some examples, this method is used by darknet market to manage the […]

Squeezing logs dry, or how Cryptofunktik finds everything that smells like crypto-truffle, finding crypto in unexpected places

*Cryptofunktik is such a little pig that will look for you goodies, that’s what this author’s parser is called. *It is assumed that the reader has learned the article – “Basic skills of working with keys and addresses, or how not to fuck up the crypto that was so close *It is very desirable that […]

Asterisk Phone Flooder with Anti-Flood Bypass

Report post Posted December 1, 2017 (edited) 316kg38.png Table of contents :snooks: Introduction :snooks: Installing and configuring Asterisk in 5 minutes with the GUI interface :snooks: SIP Phone Flood :snooks: Bypassing SIP providers’ anti-flood protections Introduction. Very often there are threads on the forum about telephone flooding. The topic is ancient, but still relevant. In […]

Google ads warm-up guide

clients and their success in our service come first! The way we work with ba is not much different from working with ss. Google often bans unheated google accounts for setting large budgets. You should start with 7 euros a day. On the second day, you need to go in and run another type of […]

WWH Carding Course [2020] [Drain]

FIRST UNIT, SETTINGS AND SECURITY 1 Introductory 2 Linux security 3 Security and anonymity on the network. Virtual machine setup SECOND BLOCK, TOOLKIT 4 maps 5 Drops, environments 6 Antifraud 7 Finding Shops and What are Merchants 8 Basic basics of shop/service warm-up behavior 9 Antidetect 10 android 3 BLOCK, BASICS OF WORK AND INPUTS […]